Professional Animal Communicator and certified homeopath, Donna Lozito has an eclectic background. She has dedicated her entire adult life to exploring her inner world. Along the way, she discovered the great depth of existence and the power of the human spirit. Donna’s decades of work assisting people to deepen their relationship with their animal companions demonstrated to her that healing occurs by understanding the perspective of another, with conscious awareness of love and compassion.

Donna has been mentioned in the following publications:

  • The New York Times
  • Healthy Medicine Radio with Dr. Robert Zieve
  • Natural Horse Magazine
  • The Holistic Horse
  • Natural Horse Magazine
  • Soul Dog by Elena Mannes
  • Animal Wellness Magazine
  • and more!

She has appeared on Good Day New York; Good Morning New York; The Sally Jessie Raphael Show; The Howard Stern Show; ABC’s Sonoran Living; and Magnolia Film’s Q&A Panel for the film STRAY; Animal Planet; and more.

Donna published a children’s book entitled Sweet Dreams: The Talking Horse from Brooklyn that explores animal communication and friendship.

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