Horse-Assisted Therapy

Equine-assisted therapy (also known as horse therapy) uses horses for mental health treatment. Equine-assisted therapy gives us the opportunity to understand and appreciate the gifts that horses offer humans simply by allowing the Wisdom of the Horse help you discover and nurture your strengths, interests and talents.

How do horses do this? They follow energy. Each of us consists of a unique energy pattern.  In daily life we enliven these patterns by our conscious and unconscious thoughts, action or words. Horses in particular pick up these energy patterns and demonstrate or reflect back to us the exact emotion or pattern that we need to see in order to heal ourselves.

Donna is certified in classical homeopathy from the National Council for Homeopathic Certification.  She graduated from the School of Homeopathy in New York as well as extensive study in India. She began her work when she turned to animal communication and homeopathy to achieve optimum wellness for her horse. She also holds a certificate of study from the Institute of Alcohol Studies at South Oaks in New York. To learn more about Donna, visit the About page.

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