homeopathy for your pet
Whispers of the Spirit, LLC is a practice dedicated to the art and science of classical homeopathy. Homeopathy is the holistic approach to creating wellness and balance using natural remedies which are safe, non-toxic, non–addictive and free from side effects. Wellness is not only the absence of disease; it is a state of vitality, of energy and awareness. It is the freedom to be in the moment and fulfill the purpose of life.The practice of classical homeopathy regards the body as more than the sum of its parts. Unlike a machine, it develops, carries on function and has the ability to repair itself. This power is a function of the Life Force itself.Homeopathic medicine works on the level of the Life Force, Vital Force or Chi. The Vital Force is an influence which directs all aspects of life. It adapts to environmental influences, animates the emotional life of each of us, and provides thoughts and creativity. Disease is a disturbance of this Force. Homeopathic remedies (energetic medicine) are made from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms in nature. They help stimulate the immune system so that it may carry its innate function, to independently repair and balance or make well. Homeopathic medicine can help bring relief in acute disease, and in chronic illness; it can restore balance and harmony.

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