Sacred Mentorship Program

Welcome! I am so glad you are seeking to enrich your innate skills of communicating with animals and all of nature. Let us explore the ways in which private sessions can support you on your journey.

The program consists of two tracks:

  1. The Deepening: This is intended for those who wish to strengthen their innate skills to communicate with animals. (Six sessions)
  2. The Professional Track: This is intended for those seeking to create a professional practice. (Twelve sessions)

To best utilize your gifts, it is important to understand the dynamic your inner terrain. Together we will identify and begin to uncover the energies that may inhibit your confidence and innate abilities to send and receive telepathic information clearly.

I have done an immense amount of work with animals in physical form and in spirit to help folks better understand their personal soul journey.  As we create personal awareness on a deeper level, we become better able to assist others or their journey of healing. If pertinent, we discuss how to set up and begin in practice.  

The topic of animal communication is vast as it encompasses many dimensions of understanding. The following are some of the topics covered in the mentorship program:

  • Understanding the mechanics of animal communication and the art of pure listening.
  • Learning to quiet the mind.
  • How to work with animals in person and long distance.
  • The role of past lives in counselling.
  • Animals taking on human illness or emotional problems.
  • How to promote compassion and harmony among species.

Professional Track only (all of the above as well as the following, and more):

  • Tuning into people for mutual understanding and successful consultations – know what people can handle and staying in touch with the clients rather than projecting your own personal view.
  • Mastering the consult
  • Handling difficult situations with people and animals.
  • Handling crises situations: lost animals, illness, death and dying, and basic healing skills.
  • Difficulties among animals: Educating people and helping them to solve problems and enhance their own telepathic skills with their animal companions.
  • The role of training, working with veterinarians and other animal professionals.

Throughout the course, we will review cases and experience communicating. We will also review the agreement to the code of ethics in practice.

Fee Schedule for the Sacred Mentorship Program:

  • Each private session is $210 for 60 minutes. 
  • Three session discount: $600
  • Six session discount: $1,200
  • Twelve session discount: $2,400

Payment options are available.

We work over Zoom for each session and you will receive a recording each time we connect.

If you are interested in learning more, Contact me here.