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Animal Communication

“After taking Donna’s class I experienced one of the most beautiful events of my lifetime actually communicated with a lovely little grasshopper. Yes you can communicate with all kinds of creatures. The most important thing is to believe that it is possible for you to do that ,not just for some special people. If you let them know you truly care and want to communicate they will extend the effort. Be patient.”

– Denise T., AZ

“Donna is an amazing animal communicator and it was really helpful for my friends in this terrible time of grieving. I really appreciated the wisdom of Donna and I learned so much about the spiritual guide of dogs, Fred was a saint! And it was profound to witness the session.”

– Jean, NY

“I was amazed how easily Donna intuits as much about people as she does about animals. Her ability to reach the core of the issue and offer helpful solutions is extraordinary and so helpful for communicating more deeply.”
– Sally, AZ


“Donna did fabulous work with my child.  He was 12 years old when she first saw him, very depressed, sleeping in the closet, and refusing to go to school.  I was at my wit’s end trying to help him.  We brought his dog to the appointment so that he would be comfortable.  Donna got him talking about the books he enjoyed, what characters he liked, how he felt about the different characters.  He wouldn’t talk about himself, but he was eager to talk about Percy Jackson!  Then, the remedy she prescribed worked!  He started being social again.  He went to school.  He took the remedy every day for a few months, then only when stressed for a couple of years.  By the end of that, he graduated from high school, and has since traveled to India for a year, worked on a farm another year, and started college.  He has continued to grow and develop into a fine young man.  He couldn’t have done it without Donna’s help.  I am so grateful and recommend her highly.”


“We were referred to Donna by our daughter’s MD, who recognized the need for constitutional and energetic healing. Ruby had been diagnosed with Grave’s disease and the eye condition related to it, and the symptoms were out of control in every part of her body and brain. Donna very quickly understood the nature of the overall imbalance that affected Ruby, and addressed it with an animal remedy; the result was very powerful. As Ruby’s body came back into balance, the symptoms of the autoimmune disorder waned drastically, to the point that no medical action was required. I tell my friends now, if your child is having any issues at all, emotional or physical, Donna Lozito is the one to address them in the most profound and non-invasive way!”

– A.I.M., Norwood, Colorado


“Homeopathic treatment with Donna significantly altered the course of my life. I have struggled with bipolar illness since my early twenties. Following a severe manic episode two years ago, I was referred to Donna. After many months of treatment, I am more balanced than at any point in my life. Donna was able to treat the core symptoms, the root of the problem – something that pharmaceutical drugs only masked in the past. Through homeopathic treatment, I feel as if I have a second chance, a new lease on life. It simply changed everything.”

– K.M., Prescott, AZ