A Message

“Children and animals share the power of the present moment.

It is a fact that together, we are the future of the world.”

– Sweet Dreams Lozito

A Message from Donna & Sweet Dreams Lozito

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Animals influence us in subtle ways that we often do not even notice. They silently support us and consistently demonstrate wisdom. They possess intelligence and an ability to communicate that is sometimes difficult for us to imagine, because our culture tends to measure mental capacity with the ability to speak.

The silent language of animals demands that we tune into the pace of nature. We return to the heart in doing so, where children and animals naturally reside. It propels us to respect all that is around us. This is not mystical or a miracle of sorts; it is merely telepathic in nature (sending and receiving information without the use of words). Communication with other species is an ordinary occurrence for children, but often our adult culture discourages this truth.

Early connections that children create with animals help foster a healthy sense of self. Animals are best suited for this job because they influence and teach without judgment. Often our young ones carry the memory of these early relationships into adulthood.

Our responsibility is to create a safe and loving environment for both children and animals to experience joy while navigating the twists and turns of life.

With love,

Donna and Sweet Dreams Lozito