Communication Testimonials

“When no one else could get near him, Donna calmed an unruly horse in our stable in 5 minutes.”

– Mitch Taylor, CJF, Director of Kentucky Horseshoeing School, Mt. Eden, Kentucky


Hi Donna, just wanted to give you an update. It’s been a little over a month and all the dogs have seemed to have settled in. I even find Ollie playing with Cosmo here and there. Ollie took the longest to adjust and that’s fine. I’m really happy that he has come to like his little brother. He no longer turns away or get’s up and walks away when Cosmo comes near him. Hooray! Thank you so much!
– Betty Jo, Connecticut


“Donna made my husband a believer when he saw the amazing change in our Siberian Husky’s behavior.”

– Christine, Nanuet, NY


My poodle Bravo and American Shorthair cat Kismet may look like an odd couple but they’re really very connected to each other. My soulmate poodle, Brio — Bravo’s predecessor, helped me to find Bravo when I so needed another dog . Donna Lozito’s “translations” from Brio and now from Bravo and Kismet are very important in my life. They affirm my own instincts and intuition and bring new revelations all the time!
– Elena M., New York


“I’ve been working with Donna since 1997. She has exceeded every expectation I could have had. People I’ve referred have been extremely impressed with her accuracy.”

– Joelle, West Virginia


Meet Mr. Feggio, a victim of one of the harshest Midwestern winters to date. He was a semi-feral, unaltered male who lived outside, but enjoyed limited contact with well-meaning humans who lacked the resources to provide him necessary healthcare.

Through consistent communication and gentle loving care, this beautiful spirit has not only survived, but has the potential to thrive. He told me he wanted a name, so I named him. He told me he wanted his own space to call home, so I gave him a quarantined room to separate his contagiousness from my other pet companions. Then he told me he would love to wear a collar with a name tag like all my pets, so I bought him a collar and put his name and my address on his tag. I talked to my other pets to let them know that he needed their love and support, and then rewarded them when they demonstrated kindness.

These pictures are taken five months apart, demonstrating that true healing takes time. This has been a difficult and long journey that is not yet over. This interspecies exchange has reinforced my belief that animal souls are intimately connected to Source and that they use their physical embodiment to teach us the beauty of interconnection and love. Thanks to Donna for her support to follow Mr. Feggio’s lead.”
– Jennifer C., Wisconsin


“Donna Lozito is a gifted animal communicator. I have found her to be very effective in her communication with many species of animals.”

– Veterinarian Judith Shoemaker, West Grove, PA