A Life & Death Decision for Ferdinand the Fly

When summer ends, the insects get their last experiences of the season before the cooler temperatures arrive. I am always watching my hummingbird feeder for unwanted visitors who are attempting to drink the nectar. I have a bee-proof feeder, which makes it just about impossible for anybody but a hummer to extract sweet water.

A few days ago, I spotted what looked like a large insect surrounding the opening on the feeder. As I approached, I find a large fly sitting over one of the openings for the hummingbird to drink. He was large enough that I could see his eyes staring back at me when I gazed in his direction. I communicated to him that I knew he planned to help himself to a sweet drink.

I spoke the following message to him: “You can go in there if you want to, but I tell you, you will not come out; you will drown because you are not a bird.” I used my language. I also sent a clear visual of him swimming for his life inside the feeder. The animals and all of nature pick up the energy behind our words and comprehend the message energetically.

He hesitated, looked directly at me, and flew onto the railing. It was clear he did get the message and made the decision to find his sweet spot somewhere else. I told him I thought it was a good decision, and with that he flew away.