All About Pets: Mental Communication a Natural for Our Animals, as featured in the Prescott Daily Courier

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October 29th, 2018

by Christy Powers

Most of us dog folks, cat folks too, feel that we communicate with our pets. We generally know when they are happy or sad, not feeling well or want some attention. The closer relationship we have with our pets, the better we can read them.

It is pretty clear that our animal companions are much better at reading us than we are at reading them. Why is that, we might wonder.

Donna Lozito, CCH, Certified in Classical Homeopathy, takes this communication with animals to a whole new level. She presented an introductory program at Whiskers Barkery in downtown Prescott last week to a room full of pet lovers, titled: “Exploring Animal Communication: Is it Possible to Talk with Animals?”

Donna has had verified telepathic communication with most all creatures from her horse of many years ago to cats and dogs, birds and camels. Early communication with her horse totally changed the course of her life and is the subject of her book, Sweet Dreams: The Talking Horse from Brooklyn.

“Telepathic animal communication is an exchange of energy between the heart, mind and spirit from one being to another,” Lozito explains. It is the transfer of thoughts or feelings between be-ings without using sight or sound. In order to experience this form of communication, you must be open to its possibilities.

We all have the ability to communicate telepathically, but for the most part we have forgotten how to use it. It is the first language of the animals. Watch closely how they interact with each other both in our homes and in the wild. They are communicating without language.

The foremost reason for using telepathy is to improve our relationship with our animal companions. It helps us understand the perspective of another. The silent language demands that we tune into the pace of nature. It requires that we become quiet and turn off our minds so that we can hear with our hearts. Then we are able to ask the questions and receive the answers. Is he in pain? Does he have a message from his past that drives unwanted behavior and continues to get in the way of who he wants to be?

Most of us have been around animals enough to realize that they have the capacity to feel and experience their world. They possess intelligence and the ability to communicate that we might find difficult to imagine. Donna talked with puppies who endured a very difficult puppyhood, and once able to communicate that experience with their person, they were able to release the behaviors causing the problem. In this way, they are not that different than we are, Lozito explains.

You can try it for yourself. Sit quietly with your animal. Feel what messages come to you when you are quiet. You might be amazed what you can hear with your heart if you take the time to listen. As Donna emphasizes, you have to believe that it is possible!

Christy Powers is a freelance writer whose passion is studying and writing about pet health, nutrition and training. She can be reached at [email protected].