Do Animals Have the Ability to Think?

Photo credit Becky McKinney Beckers

Do animals have the ability to think? I have been asked this question many times over the past several decades. At this pivotal time on our planet, I would like to clarify what I have witnessed based on my experience in conversation with thousands of animals.

It is true that animals live in the present moment. We watch them exhibit this fact daily. While they do not utilize our language, they do recall past experiences, remember people, and ponder the future if they choose.

Let’s explore the components of language. If we observe ourselves in conversation, we see that before our words are formed, they are thoughts that are energetic in nature. Experience, memory, and recall are composed of energy. The energy of each experience leaves an imprint (similar to a footprint left in the sand). These impressions or imprints are carried by the being in the form of memory and can be interpreted telepathically, which can be translated to language.

This has little to do with the brain power of the being, but has everything to do with the divine intelligence that is part of our composition and connection to the web of life. The words are essentially the physical manifestation of our energetic thoughts. No matter the species this process is experienced by all at any age and even as far back as the memories formed in utero.

Our culture has been conditioned to believe that animals do not have the ability to think, reason or remember their past. If you are lucky enough to have a close relationship with an animal, it is evident that they have the capacity to feel, reason, comprehend, and process life experiences.

As humanity moves closer to realizing these processes, I see the road beginning to clear for all beings to be acknowledged and accepted as valuable parts of the whole. The animals have waited patiently for humanity to realize our true existence on this physical dimension.