Kismet in his infinite grace and wisdom was a powerhouse of support to his family, as well as a teacher to his standard poodle brothers Brio and Bravo. His sense of balance permeated the household while in his body and even more so in spirit. He was a quiet guy with a great deal to offer the world.

– Donna Lozito

From the day I brought him home as a tiny kitten, the power of his presence ruled the household and captured my heart. His purr led me to my spirit. In the days after he passed his presence remained. Once I truly experienced seeing him — kind of like a shadow around my bed. And then one day as I looked at the bathroom floor where the litter box had been, I noticed a white circle. It had never been there before and in the middle was a shape, an image that I believe was him- his round face, the shape of his mouth and his eyes, his ears.  The white circle and his image have disappeared. But he is with me.”

– E.M., New York