Opal and Eunice Share Messages of Wisdom

Every Saturday morning, I frequent the local farmers market in my town. Over the years I have been enjoying the wonderful eggs that are sold by the local farms. There is one farm in particular whose eggs I feel are superior to any other at the market. The farm is     Schaffer Farms in Paulden, Arizona.

I asked Shaunté, the owner of Schaffer Farms, about her chickens. I knew the eggs were superior because of the way Shaunté loves and cares for her girls. She is completely aware that each bird possesses an individual personality as well as a personal perspective.

Shaunté rescued two chickens named Opal and Eunice because they were scheduled to be killed after poor care and neglect at another farm.

I asked Shaunté for permission to talk to Opal and Eunice because I wanted to understand their experience of this world. Together they expressed that they prefer less interaction with other chickens. It was a way of keeping safe because of their trauma, they explained. They felt this was important, because at their other farm, the flock would consistently attack them. When beings experience trauma, they create behaviors that keep themselves protected.

Opal and Eunice further explained that humans and animals are not really all that different when it comes to matters of the heart. They are very aware that past experiences create present behavior. They let me know that they are more cognizant than people can imagine. Somewhere in the past, a hierarchy between humans and animals was created. Humanity has embraced this belief for so very long.

As I reflected on this conversation with Opal and Eunice, I conclude that they are correct. We have believed the idea that humans are superior, and it has created a division of sorts. This false hierarchy gives us the illusion that we are separate, better, and smarter. Our world would be different if we could embrace the fact that all of nature has the capacity to comprehend and communicate. Each living being or thing possesses a divine intelligence. This intelligence embodies the capacity to communicate with us, if we take the time to listen as Shaunté does with Opal and Eunice.

Opal and Eunice remain forever grateful for their wonderful life with their new family at Schaffer Farms.

Some facts to ponder: the chicken was a sacred animal in many cultures. The ever-watchful hen was a worldwide symbol of nurturance and fertility. The chicken was regarded as the spirit animal of enlightenment and illumination.

The spiritual symbolism of the chicken urges you to listen more closely to what your inner voice is telling you.

Use your imagination a bit here and give some thought to how your world would be different if you took the time to listen to what your inner voice was telling you. It might be possible for us to hear the messages of the heart.