Riding Off Into the Sunset

Here is the back story behind this incredible photo on the right. Many of you know that my Sweet Dreams Lozito was the cornerstone of my life this time around. He changed the trajectory of my entire existence. One of his messages has always been: “I am here and waiting for you until you complete this journey, and then we will ride off into the sunset together.”

Over the holiday, I received a gift calendar of the cosmos from my friend Janet Eichorst—this is my second passion. Another friend, Joelle Mahoney, who knew Sweetie when he was on the earth, kept her horse Genny with Sweetie in the northeast in the last years of Sweetie’s life. She found a photo of me riding Sweetie that is in my children’s book, Sweet Dreams: The Talking Horse from Brooklyn. She made a tree ornament out of it and sent it to me. I am most grateful for these gifts. I tried to hang the ornament, but it kept turning because it was meant to be on a tree. I finally found the perfect place for this important image; it will be next to my desk for this entire year. I thought that there was no better expression of riding off into the sunset. I also got the distinct impression that my other boy, Mr. Squish, is not far off in the distance of this photo. 

For those of you who guided and supported me with my beloved boy, veterinarians, horse trainers, barn owners, animal communicators and dear friends… may I thank you for your support and wisdom over this life changing experience!

Wishing all of you the most wonderful 2024!!!