Roscoe was dedicated to opening hearts and having fun throughout his life. He was very aware that he needed to expand the heart of his person in ways no one else could. He expressed his opinion on things he felt needed his input. For example, he was a little taken back by the Christmas tree in the house because he felt that trees belonged outside. As you can see, he chose to appear at this mountain top, but he also likes to appear in the light of the sun at various times. He continues his work with his person in silent support and guidance.

– Donna Lozito

“My connection with Roscoe was and is deeply profound. Roscoe taught me many things but the most important was true, unconditional love. In our last months together, I didn’t know if I would be able to make that call when and if that time came. I learned that when you deeply love another being, you will do anything to end their suffering. It was the most painful decision I’ve had to make but setting him free was the most loving thing I could have done for him.

I miss him terribly but I also know that he is with me. He shows himself to me in light and it blows me away every time. He’s one of my angels and I feel so blessed to have him watching over me.”

– S.W., Wisconsin