Sweetie Lozito

Sweetie’s Spirit Speaks

This is my personal experience with my horse Sweetie. It reveals the influence that our animals maintain with us when they transition from their physical form.

When Sweetie passed from this life, it felt like I lost a part of my soul that day. However, I came to embrace the fact that death is merely a continuation of our journey in another form. As it turns out, Sweetie is more active in spirit than he was on earth. He could accompany me to places he previously could not while limited by his physical form. He could now advise me in a variety of situations. As thus, he now fulfills the definition of Spirit Guide.

Sweetie communicates facts about death that our human conditioning does not permit us to see clearly. He has conveyed to me that when it is our time to leave the physical

dimension, no matter the species, we create events for this to occur. He went on further to describe the human perspective. “Humans,” he said, “Find reasons to blame themselves for a death of a loved one.” It took me many years to realize that Sweetie’s passing was in perfect order. I am grateful that I was open to see that the relationship does not end—it only changes.

The following is a description of events that occurred after Sweetie’s transition: I was living Manhattan. I was focused on my Animal Communication business while attending a school of homeopathy. I was also working full-time in corporate America. Sweetie communicated that I need to move from the east coast to the west immediately. He emphasized the need to do this and continue any unfinished business by commuting. A long history of accuracy in his communications left me no choice but to follow his instruction once again.

I moved from New York City to high up in the mountains of Arizona. My soul was happier, but my nervous system was not. It was a huge move to make so quickly, and the change in environments was shocking. I had help from a lovely woman who prepared my home before I arrived. On moving day, she insisted that I come into the spare room to see what was on the window. She stated that while cleaning the window, she heard a voice say, “Now stop cleaning this window. I am Sweetie, and this is my friend Dusty, and we are here for Donna.” This woman did NOT know I had a horse.

Sweetie made an impression of himself on a window in my new home—he left an image etched in the glass that remains to this day. Each time it rains, it fades and then comes back. I was able to calm from the stress of the move knowing that Sweetie’s spirit was present. It was comforting for me to feel his energy in this way.

Many years later, Sweetie continues with his most incredible guidance. We can see here the individual energetic signature of the soul continues with specific purpose. The journey together with our animals proceeds to the next chapter in the book of our lives together.