Top Tips for Animal Communication

Folks often ask how best to communicate with their animal friends. Let me discuss the ways animal communicate and then you’ll be able to see how you could get in on the conversation. Both domestic and wild animals use their bodies to relay messages. Some species have their own form of dance to communicate for specific reasons. We may understand this communication by observing what we see; however, animals also communicate telepathically.

What is telepathic communication? The word telepathy means to send and receive information without the use of language; this doesn’t need to include movement or sound. The animals are natural masters at directing this movement of information. Humans also send and receive information; we are not as aware of this process as the animals.  For this reason, I suggest to folks to speak with their animals. Here is how it works. When you are speaking, you are not aware of the energy of your words before they are words; either way, the animals are completely in-tune with this. Your words are energy in motion. Before they are words, they are thoughts, which are energy. We do not consciously think about this but the animals are constantly picking up signals like this from us and from their world around them.

Therefore, when we speak to animals and not at animals (in whatever language), they are not just computing the words but the energy and intentions that travel with the words. It is most important for us to be present when we speak to them; otherwise, they just hear babble. Being present, another natural for the animals, is not our strength as humans. We are easily distracted into the mix of our busy world, and this takes us out of the present moment.

One way to achieve presence is to be sure we are breathing when we communicate/talk with our animal friends. This connects us to the Earth, and they feel this connection. Talking with your animal takes consistent practice. This helps the animal get accustomed to communicating with you and it becomes a new normal for you both. In my view and observation over many years of talking with animals, I see that it merely requires us to quiet down and be aware of our thoughts and words. As a result, they experience us differently and respond with a newfound enthusiasm because they begin to thrive on the connection. When we extend ourselves to understand the perception of another, we all benefit.