Universal Law and Our Animals

Universal law, often referred to as natural law, encompasses inherent principles believed to be fundamental, unchanging truths governing moral behavior and the natural order of life.  It is applicable regardless of culture or era. In contrast, man-made law, consists of rules and regulations created by humans designed to regulate behavior and influence belief systems.

The following are natural laws of the Universe which are often overlooked or even non-existent in our lives today.

The first law states that any person or animal comes into your life is correct for the time and circumstance you may be facing. These events do not occur by chance.

Another is that whatever happens to us is the only thing that could have occurred. The actual truth is that things do not happen to us they happen for us. Our long-time conditioning leads us to believe that we could have done something to change the outcome.

When events begin or end in our lives, they do so at exactly the right time. I see this most profoundly in my practice when an animal chooses to transition. There is an agenda from the human perspective that seems to take precedence over the journey of the soul. Our animals choose to leave at precisely the time necessary for our evolution. We may have wanted it to be different or very often we take on the responsibility for the timing, but the fact of the matter is that the divine order of these events occur dispute our human belief or perspective.  

It is extremely helpful to consider these facts when faced with a great loss so that we may broaden our view and expand beyond our limitations. The human experience is a personal journey and those we encounter during this sacred time are the gifts we receive along the way.